Who's Mo... the new Mo

Yes there is a new Mo with a different name. My name is Petra Musick and as of the fall of 2016 I am the proud new owner of Mo’s Mountain Cuisine! I have the good fortune to step into a reputable and well established business, having the opportunity to still work with the original Mo and her team of talented chefs. I look forward to carrying on with this exciting business and hope to have the good fortune to serve many more backcountry enthusiasts!

Add one part mad kitchen skills, one part outdoor skills, a little sugar, and a whole lot of spice. Mix well. And voila you get Mo. Monique 'Mo' Vigne has been cooking for over 15 years. She has prepared food in a variety of settings from large chain restaurants to 5 star fine dinning, and everything in between. She began cooking in the non-conventional surroundings of the backcountry 5 years ago, and it has become her passion. The opportunity to mix work with play has kept that passion alive.As well as being a skilled chef Mo is also an avid backcountry skier, mountain biker, and an ACMG Assistant hiking guide. These outdoors skills combine beautifully with her cooking skills to create delicious, hearty meals for all appetites.

Photo of the original Mo.
Photo credits by Chad Robbs & Jody Goodwin